Dear Colleagues & Friends,

We are very excited and pleased to invite you to the unique international conference “Emerging Horizons in Oncology: Molecules to Therapeutics Global Perspectives and Challenges” to be held at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India from 27th to 29th September 2019. This conference will deliberate on the recent successes of researchers and clinicians working in multi-disciplinary fields to understand the genesis of cancers in order to cure and prevent them. An important aspect of the conference will be multi-focal multi-disciplinary sessions to discuss and identify the challenges faced to combat cancer and deliberate on the approaches to overcome them.

While great advances have been made in terms of understanding the molecular basis of cellular transformation, translation of these basic findings into effective patient care has been a challenge to the researchers. This is partly because the gap between basic biology & medical practice is yet to be bridged effectively. Recent award of Nobel prize to researchers working in the field of Immuno-oncology is an acknowledgment of the fact that paradigm shifting ideas bear fruits and result in cures for cancer, despite a lag between the initial experiments and the successful therapeutic development.

Discussions will be wide ranging in scope and will be of great interest to clinicians, basic cancer researchers in the academia as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, public health professionals, oncology nurses and allied health professionals. Topics will include, but are not limited to, molecular carcinogenesis and toxicology, molecular mechanisms of all organ site cancers, carcinogenesis, biomarkers for developing therapeutic & prevention strategies, emerging technologies & methodologies in tumorigenesis, carcinogenesis and carcinoprevention research, environmental carcinogenesis including carcinogenic impact of climate change. The sessions in the conference are being designed to give opportunities for practicing physicians and scientists to share their unique expertise with their peers and students. A dedicated session is being planned to give awards to the promising young scientists and clinicians.

The conference will offer oral presentations, panel discussions, clinical case study analyses, and poster presentations to share the research and clinical findings from experts as well as the budding scientists and clinicians. This conference is designed to ignite scientific discussions that could initiate paradigm shifting experiments through long lasting global scientific collaborations.

The organizers of the conference invite you to attend and actively participate in this unique conference. For more information on the conference and to learn about potential opportunities to present your research at the conference, please write to

We look forward to seeing you in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


Organizing Committee, Carcinogenesis 2019
Conference & Organizing Chair
Dr. Gopala Kovvali

Conference Co-Chair
Dr. Prabhudas Patel

Organizing Co-Chair
Prof. Nayan Jain

Scientific Planning Committee Co-chair
Dr. Damodar Gupta

Organizing Secretaries
Dr. JD Patel, Prof. Rakesh Rawal

Mr. Rajesh Sharma

Goal of the Conference

  • To share the research findings from experts as well as budding scientists and clinicians.

  • To ignite scientific discussions that could help initiate paradigm shifting experiments.

  • Help establish long lasting scientific collaborations between individual scientists and between institutions.

  • To stimulate young researchers and clinicians to identify problems that affect the lives of people living.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about recent breakthroughs in cancer Biology and translational research.

  • Learn about advancements, impediments and successes of cancer research and treatment.

  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities collaborations in cancer research.

  • Interact and enjoy the stories from the winners against cancer and their relatives.

Target Audience

  • Young scientists and clinicians who are just beginning a career in any area of cancer research.

  • Seasoned researchers and clinicians

  • Oncologists from private practice and academic institutions

  • Public health professionals, policy makers & influencers

  • Oncology nurses and nurse trainees, Medical and graduate students

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students from medical, dental and allied health sciences.

  • Residents, Fellows and post-doctoral scientists

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry professionals

  • Anyone engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutics and diagnostics in the area oncology

  • Anyone who is interested to learn about the triumphs and challenges in cancer research.